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    Post Radial Filtration in a single unit

    Our Cylinder Cores have been used by many companies as a form of Post Radial filtration. The Addition of a second media following a standard Sediment filter or carbon block filter can dramatically improve your filter’s performance ability.
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    Water Bottle

    Many companies have approached us with the task of quality filtration in a drinking vessel. Our reticulated media design allows us to eliminate the common pressure drop issues associated with the other possibilities on the market.
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    Inline Cartridges

    AquaMetrics, an R&D company in Washington approached us with the task of creating a multi inline cartridge parallel flow economical whole house filtration option. With the high flow capabilities and low pressure drop associated with our reticulated technology we were able to use four standard inline sized cartridges and deliver a 40,000 gallon whole house filter with less pressure loss than other whole house alternatives.
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    Residential Non-Backwashing Filtration

    Foamulations’ Cubes are the answer to eliminating Backwashing, Wasted Water, Electric use, and the Packing or Channeling of Granular medias. With the light weight and large surface area of the Cubes they can easily be combined with any other medias in a single housing.
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    Commercial Non-Backwashing Filtration

    Foamulations’ Cubes offer the same No Backwashing, No Electricity Needed, No Wasting Water,and no packing or channeling of medias in Large Commercial tanks as they do in residential POE Filtration.

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    Container Free Filtration

    Because the structure of Foamulations’ Cubes is stable it can be used in applications where a housing is not needed. One client has found using Cubes in water sumps or drains will control scale and biofilm.


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    Foamulations’ KDF Discs have been used for 12+ years in the pool and spa industry as a chlorine free bacteria control device. By simply placing a KDF disc in a skimmer basket or filter trap your pool or hot tub will remain bacteriostatic for the life of the disc.
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    Air Duct Filtration

    The stability of Foamulations’ reticulated media gives the consumer a shedding free product that can be used in any duct size with no additional housing structure required.
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    Simply put, the low pressure drop, high flow solution to all your cartridge filtration woes. Let the test results speak for themselves.
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    Cooling Towers

    Maintinence free scale control and regulation free coolant disposal are some of the benefits Foamulations’ Cooling Tower System Discs can offer you and your customers.
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    Bath & Shower

    Foamulations’ reticulated foam will solve your problems of low flow, loss of pressure and frequent replacement. Long lasting and easy to change foam disks for both chlorine and chloramine.
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    Machine Coolant

    Take care of Monday Morning Stink with the unique features of Foamulations’ reticulated foam disk cartridge system. This cartridge system also controls biologicals, scale and chlorine. Most importantly, once filtered there is no need to treat the used coolant as a hazardous waste so it is easily disposed of.
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  • PADS

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    Foamulations’ reticulated pads are now being used in the Aquarium industry as a method for Mechanical, Chemical and Biological filtration. The wide Variety of pore size allows for many levels of Mechanical Filtration, while the large surface area is an excellent breading grounds for beneficial bacteria. The fact that the Structure is made from a -325 mesh Bituminous carbon and or Zeolites not only increases the surface area exponentially but it removes unwanted contaminants like chlorine and Ammonia.

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    Vacuums have always had a mechanical post filter to block any particulate from being spread back into the cleaned area. Foamulations unique Pad media delivery system gives Vacuum companies the ability to also filter odors caused by the contaminants that have been vacuumed up and also from the vacuum motor. These Pads, usually made from Coconut shell carbon and Zeolite, will not mask the odors like an air freshner but they will actually remove them.

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    Bacteria Hosting Structure

    Bone Char is generally seen as a preferred method for hosting the growth of beneficial bacteria in water applications. The method of employing granular Bone Char for this use is often challenging and difficult to manage. Some customers find that the use of a reticulated had distinct advantages over the use of granular Bone Char because it uses a smaller particle size and that the blocks of reticulated Bone Char are more easily employed and removed.


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    Radial Flow Wraps

    Using a Foamulations’ reticulated wrap at 1/8″ thick you can add almost any media as a prefilter to a Carbon Block or a radial sediment filter. Using a media like KDF can keep your carbon block clear from bacteria and extend the blocks life. Some clients are using a KDF 85 wrap to aid in specific contaminant reduction.

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    Medical Applications

    There are several air odor control applications in the medical field where the use of an activated carbon reticulated foam can be used. Activated Carbon reticulated foam used in conjunction with Zeolite reticulated foam can be effectively used to control medical odors in ventilation. The material is also used in personal hygene odor control situations , such as removing the odor from colostomy bags.

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    Odor Control & Multi layer Fabric

    The Odor Control Fabric created by Foamulations can actually be treated as fabric. It can be sewn, stitched, zipped, stretched, worn… and made from almost any media. For a versatile odor control fabric for all situations…go no further!

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    Biofilm Lining

    Similar to the disc application mentioned above, sheets of biocide or bacteriostic media can be engineered to fit shallow water drains control the growth of Biofilm that normally accompanies standing water.

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    Animal Odor Control

    With Foamulations’ Odor control fabrics you can stop masking the odors from Pet devices like Litter boxes and actually remove them. Activated carbon alone will not remove the full odor. For example ammonia, one of the main components in litter box odor, will not be removed by Activated Carbon. With the addition of Foamulations’ Zeolite fabric all of your odors will disappear.


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    Radial Flow Cartridge

    With Foamulations’ reticulated technology we can create a radial flow cartridge with almost any media that is capable of handling high flow rates with nearly no pressure loss. The reticulated medias pliable structure will not break or burst under high pressure and flow.

    radial flow wrap

    Axial Addition to Radial Filtration.

    Our customer has designed a new filter process that combines the Radial filtration through an activated carbon block with the Axial flow of a secondary media all within a single standard slimline or big blue cartridge. This required us to engineer a reticulated foam product in a toroid (donnut) shape

Have a unique application?

Contact one of our engineers to help you design a media type, shape and size to fit your project.