We design and engineer products according to your specifications to best suit your project needs. With the capability to utilize desired media in versatile and efficient delivery systems, we offer our clients unique project solutions. Custom size, shape and pore size of the reticulated foam will help you achieve your ultimate goal.


We began supplying products to the water business in 1986. Over the years, we noticed the need to improve the performance of certain industry technologies. These technologies waste large amounts of water during backwashing, have considerable pressure drop, and cause the packing of the media resulting in reduced flow rates. After exploring ways to eliminate these issues and create a more efficient delivery system for multiple medias, our research evolved into the creation of Foamulations’ reticulated technology.


Creating a reticulated foam product from various powders enables the media to be more versatile in creating an efficient delivery system. By using very small particle sizes, we are able to significantly increase the useable surface area compared to standard filtration practices which commonly use granular forms of the same media. With increased surface area and the tortuous path that is inherent in the design of reticulated foam, comes increased media contact time. Increased contact time enhances the performance of any given media by giving it a greater chance to react with either gas or liquid. Greater surface area as a result of smaller particle size can also increase the overall capacity of those medias. Utilizing a granular material usually results in poorer flow characteristics, greater pressure drop and larger housing requirements. But, because of the open cell porosity of our foam matrix, we are able to increase the surface area and, at the same time, create greater flow with little pressure drop. We are also able to use media in ways previously unavailable because of the flexibility and versatility of our reticulated foam delivery system. Also this advanced delivery system has given us access to medias not yet available on the general market or still in the developmental stages.


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