Popular Applications

Water Filter Media for Every Application Imaginable

Filter Foam Technologies is an all in one stop shop for water filtration solutions. Our NSF/ANSI certified technology offers solutions for chlorine, chloramine, lead, PFAS, PFOA, microplastics, bacteria, sub-mircon filtration, all-in-one gradiant depth filtration & more

OEM/ODM Services & Applications

Filter Cartridges for Water Bottles

Ultra Low PSID water filter cartridge solutions for water bottles. Eliminate squeezing and annoying milkshake like drinking experiences!

Pitcher Filter Cartridges

Hit every NSF-53 claim available, while filtering at the same speed as the standard brita filter cartridge, at approximately the same cost

Gradient-Density Depth Filtration Radial Flow Cartridges

ParticleLock™ Filter Media Tech can manufactured to deliver gradients of sediment filtration, from 50 micron to 0.5 micron all-in-one cartridge

POE / Commercial Size Radial Flow Water Filter Cartridges

ParticleLock™filter media cartridges are available in larger sizes that can be used for Whole House Water Filtration & Commercial high flow situations.

Shower Water Filter Cartridges

Our NPD team just tested all the top selling shower filters and none of them worked. NONE. Ours however, delivers reduction to Non-Detect. 

OEM Design Solutions

ParticleLock™ Tech Optimizes All Type of Filter Media

Any type of filter media carbon, mixed metal oxide, KDF, ion exchange resin, silver, alumina, bone char, etc. or blend of filter can be optimized utilizing ParticleLock™ 

ParticleLock™ Boost Performance

ParticleLock Tech delivers the highest operational capacity vs. alternative versions of the same type of filter media:

  • 10X operational capacity vs. Granular Media
  • 5X operational capacity vs. Extruded Carbon Block
  • 3X operational capacity vs. Molded Carbon Block
ParticleLock™ is the Most Sustainable Filter Media

Utilizing the most efficient form of filter media means up to 10X reduction in raw material waste per filter cartridge

“We challenged ParticleLock™ to deliver the most efficient Arsenic III filter ever made and it did. We certified the product to NSF-53 in 2023 and it is now in use globally.” 

– Tedd Schneidewend, Design Engineering Manager at Culligan International

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