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Why is ParticleLock™ the Most Sustainable Filter Media?

ParticleLock™ Tech optimizes any type of filter media’s performance by creating the highest amount of available surface area for the water to come in contact with as the water flows through the filter media.

• When using activated carbon as an example, only 1 ounce of ParticleLock™ activated carbon media is required to achieve the same operational capacity as 10 ounces of granular activated carbon.

•If comparing to extruded activated carbon block, only 1 ounce of ParticleLock™ activated carbon is required to achieve the same operational capacity as 5 ounces of extruded carbon block.

• If comparing to premium molded activated carbon block, only 1 ounce of ParticleLock™ is required to achieve the same operational capacity as 3 ounces of molded carbon block. 

 • Similar reductions in raw materials waste when utilizing ParticleLock™ are realized for all types of filter media including ion exchange resins, mixed metal oxides, rare earth minerals, alumina and more. 

Why is Granular Carbon Media, Extruded Carbon Block & Molded Carbon Block Unsustainable?

Activated Carbon is the backbone of the water treatment industry, it is simply not possible to have safe water without it. However, there is nothing environmentally friendly about mining coal based carbon or burning wood and coconut shells at 600 degrees Celsius for 12-24 hours to make it.

What makes the situation even worse is that Molded & Extruded Carbon Block’s are made out of polyethylene or fluoropolymers, major contributors to microplastics in the oceans today.

Microplastic free ParticleLock™’ reduces raw materials waste by such orders of magnitude that it unlocks the possibility of transitioning from a water treatment industry that is “vital but wasteful” to “vital and sustainable”. 

How Does My Brand Get Quotes, More Information?

Contact our Team and open up a New Product Development Project. The amount of IP generation that occurs during NPD projects with global brands when using a disruptive technology like ParticleLock™  is significant and necessitates execution of 2-Way NDA agreements in order for the free flow of information to begin.  

Set up an appointment using our calendar tool, we will send an NDA for execution ahead of the call. The first session is a brief, informative and fun live Teams webinar on ParticleLock™ 101 followed by a Q&A session. The intent is to empower your Brand’s product teams with the key knowledge and levers this new technology unlocks for them. From there we will begin proceeding through the typical NPD project management steps. 


ParticleLock™ is new to the industry, what is production capacity?

ParticleLock™ Technology was born in 2023 and is now fully backed by a 2.7B dollar global water treatment enterprise that is already establishing production footprints for our technology at the industry’s finest filter media manufacturing facilities. 

We are committed to delivering a sustainable future and a carbon neutral footprint for the water treatment industry by 2050 and this can’t be accomplished without ParticleLock™. Our ability to deliver on production capacity should be the least of your concern.