Example Types of Filter Media

Our ParticleLock™ Filter Media Technology is compatible with virtually any type of filter media. ParticleLock™ filter media is remarkably adaptable and can utilized in virtually any type of filter housing and fabricated to virtually any size or shape. Whether you’re looking for sub-micron particulate filtration, carbon & lead removal filter media blends, gradient-density depth filtration, etc……you name it, our NPD team will make it happen. 

OEM Design Solutions

ParticleLock™ Tech Optimizes All Type of Filter Media

Any type of filter media carbon, mixed metal oxide, KDF, ion exchange resin, silver, alumina, bone char, etc. or blend of filter can be optimized utilizing ParticleLock™ 

ParticleLock™ Boost Performance

ParticleLock Tech delivers the highest capacity and flowrate vs. alternative versions of the same type of filter media:

  • 10X operational capacity vs. Granular Media
  • 5X operational capacity vs. Extuded Carbon Block
  • 3X operational capacity vs. Molded Carbon Block
ParticleLock™ is the Most Sustainable Filter Media

Utilizing the most efficient form of filter media means up to 10X reduction is raw materials waste per filter cartridge

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